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A Selection Of Opinions And Editorials

Get Ready For Medical Rationing – Detroit News
No one is against getting the best value for their health care dollar. But the current approach to comparative effectiveness research is a prescription for rationing (Robert Goldberg, 6/11).

How To Stop Socialized Healthcare – Wall Street Journal
If Democrats enact a public-option health-insurance program, America is on the way to becoming a European-style welfare state. To prevent this from happening, there are five arguments Republicans must make (Karl Rove, 6/11)

The Real Problem Is Lack Of Competition – St. Louis Post- Dispatch
The problem with American health care is not excessive competition; it is insufficient competition (David C. Rose, 6/11).

Governor's Proposed Health-Care Cuts Illogical – San Francisco Chronicle
Rather than cuts, let's make better choices for California (Anthony Wright, 6/11).

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