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Today’s Opinions: Vouchers and Medicare; The Shortage Of Doctors; Eliminating Health System’s Disparities; Protecting Cancer Patients

For Cost Control, Vouchers And Medicare Don't Mix Kaiser Health News
With the ambition of reducing the federal debt, Congressman Paul Ryan has offered a proposal to convert Medicare to a voucher-based program. … Though rarely described this way, the private Medicare Advantage plans are a (voluntary) voucher system (Austin Frakt, 8/19).

Calling All Future Docs San Gabriel Valley Tribune
It would be almost funny, if it didn't hurt so much, to see that physicians' groups that until only recently were warning against a glut of doctors in America now admit their were statistics were way off base. There is not only no glut -- there is a shortage, and it's likely to become a severe one, and that's not good for the nation's health (8/18).

End Health Care Inequalities Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
I hope over time the interest groups and individuals who benefit from the current system, and who work to create a negative image of those in need in order to justify their views, will realize that their focus should be on relieving human suffering through the creation of a more efficient, equitable and stable health care system that avoids the random disparities of our current system (Matthew Hayes, 8/18). 

Changes Improve Health Service The Coloradoan
If someone tells you that you would be better off without Medicare, consider this. What insurance company wants to cover someone who is likely to have medical problems? (Judy McKenna, 8/19).

Cancer Patients Could Be Hurt, We Fear, By Health Care Reform Charlotte Observer
We suggest that health care be spared from government cost-saving measures. A fair, private health care market will save money and has proven to be more effective at extending the lives of cancer patients (8/19).

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