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Today’s Opinions And Editorials: GOP History, Bridging The Gap Between Dems and Republicans, Lessons From Swine Flu Vaccine

Before Health Care Reform, Republicans Weren't Always The Party of 'No' The Christian Science Monitor
The Grand Old Party once allowed members to think for themselves. The nation would benefit substantially from a restoration of Republicans' lost freedom of thought and action (Robert McElvaine, 4/7).

Health Care Bill Will Not Be Repealed No Matter Who You Vote For Newark Advocate
Surprisingly, in 50 years, no one will be able to remember an America without guaranteed health care. In the future, doctors and hospitals will be the biggest supporters of government-sponsored health care (Mike Sussman, 4/8).

Why Democrats Should Try Bipartisanship U.S. News & World Report
The reason to reach out to the Republican establishment is not to steal their votes in Washington - it is to win over their voters across the country (Marc Dunkelman, 4/7).

Who's Up For Building Bridges? The New York Times
Meanwhile, President Obama's passage of health care reform has brought the New Deal-Franklin Roosevelt Revolution to its logical conclusion. There will be no more major entitlements for Americans. The bond market will make sure of that (Thomas Friedman, 4/6).

Can Massachusetts' Experiment Tell Us What's Next? Kaiser Health News
But when push comes to shove, it's clear which direction the Obama administration will go to really slow the pace of rising costs, which is the same direction Massachusetts is already heading today - toward heavy-handed price controls (James Capretta, 4/8).

H1N1 Vaccine, Still Available The New York Times
Efforts to rush vaccine into production did not go well. This dry run should lead health officials to push the vaccine makers even harder to adopt new technologies that can turn out vaccine more quickly (4/7).

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