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A Selection Of Opinions And Editorials

Health Care Crippling The Economy – Chicago Tribune
Americans are spoiled. We all feel entitled to the best health care. But this cannot be done for everyone, for long (Jim Nowlan, 6/4). 

Medicare, Start The Bidding – New York Times
Medicare could use an approach called a reverse Dutch auction to set up competition for doctors in oversupplied regions (Peter B. Bach, 6/3).

Talk Amongst Yourselves – The New Republic
Health care reform won't go anywhere unless Obama does a better job of telling us what it'll cost (William Galston, 6/4).

Beware Consequences Of Public Health Plan – Des Moines Register
The recent Iowa Poll by the Register shows 80 percent of those surveyed feel they are well-covered by their health plans. With satisfaction like that, where's the crisis? (Doug Reichardt), 6/4). 

Don't Delay Action On Health Care - Forbes
The political risks surrounding health care aren't going away, and future events could reduce Obama's popularity. That's why now is the time to act (John Zogby, 6/4). 

A Soda Tax To Fund Health Care? Think Again. – USA Today
By reaching into Americans' grocery carts, Congress and the president would be resorting to regressive taxation, as the burden of these beverage taxes would disproportionately fall on those earning less (Dick Armey, 6/4).
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