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Trump Rolls Back Obama Rule Barring States From Banning Funds To Planned Parenthood

The Health and Human Services Department regulation said that states and localities could not withhold money from a provider for any reason other than an inability to provide family planning services.

The Wall Street Journal: Trump Signs Legislation Allowing States To Deny Funding To Planned Parenthood
Thursday’s bill signing was quickly condemned by Planned Parenthood and other abortion-rights groups. Dawn Laguens, the organization’s executive vice president, said it would make it harder for Americans to access health care. “We should build on the tremendous progress made in this country with expanded access to birth control, instead of enacting policies that take us backward,” Ms. Laguens said in a statement. “Too many women still face barriers to health care, especially young women, women of color, those who live in rural areas, and women with low incomes.” (Andrews, 4/13)

NPR: Trump Signs Law Giving States Option To Deny Funding For Planned Parenthood
Anti-abortion activists cheered the move as a way to return some measure of discretion to states, which will now have the latitude they once did in deciding how to mete out Title X funds. "This is promise kept," said the Susan B. Anthony List's Marjorie Dannenfelser, who attended the signing which was conducted without media present. "This puts an end to the outgoing gift that Obama gave the Trump administration which was to disallow states from being in charge of its own family planning funds." (Dwyer, 4/13)

And a look at how it's playing out in the states —

Texas Tribune: With Trump's Signature, Texas Women's Health Clinics Could Lose More Funding 
Abortion providers in Texas that receive federal dollars to offer reproductive health services to low-income people are likely to lose that funding under a measure President Trump signed Thursday. The measure allows states to exclude Planned Parenthood and other women's health organizations that provide abortions at some of their clinics from receiving federal "Title X" money, which funds family planning services such as contraceptive counseling, pregnancy tests and STD testing. (Evans, 4/13)

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