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Trump Slashes Health Spending In Federal Budget Plan

The administration's budget blueprint proposes reducing the Department of Health and Human Service's funding by 18 percent -- with more than a third of the $15.1 billion in cuts coming from the National Institutes of Health, the government’s main engine of biomedical research.

Bloomberg: Trump Would Slash Medical Research In 23% Cut To Health Budget 
President Donald Trump is proposing big cuts in federal spending on biomedical research and the elimination of subsidies that help poor people heat their homes as part of a budget that would reduce discretionary spending at the Department of Health and Human Services by 23 percent. The cuts are sure to provoke an outcry from Democrats and Republicans who have long backed a robust budget for the National Institutes of Health, as well as from research universities, advocates for cancer patients, victims of heart disease and other conditions, and lawmakers from northern states dependent on the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. (Tracer and Edney, /16)

The Washington Post: Trump’s Budget Calls For Seismic Disruption In Medical And Science Research
President Trump’s budget calls for a seismic disruption in government-funded medical and scientific research. The cuts are deep and broad. They also go beyond what many political observers expected. Trump had made clear that he would target the Environmental Protection Agency, but the budget blueprint calls for a startling downsizing of agencies that historically have received steady bipartisan support. The National Institutes of Health, for example, would be cut by nearly $6 billion, about a fifth of the NIH budget. (Achenbach, 3/16)

The Washington Post: NIH Would See Huge Budget Cut Under President’s Proposal
The agency passes out more than 80 percent of its money to more than 300,000 researchers at universities across the country and abroad. It also has hundreds of researchers conducting studies in labs at its sprawling campus in Bethesda, Md. Its world-renowned clinical center treats patients from around the world seeking last-chance cures and volunteers testing cutting-edge therapies. (Bernstein, 3/16)

The Wall Street Journal: Trump Budget Seeks Big Cuts To Environment, Arts, Foreign Aid
The budget’s main focus is the $54 billion defense boost over budget caps set under current law. It also revisits many themes Mr. Trump set out during the presidential race, including setting aside funding for a southern border wall—and lawyers to obtain land along the border needed for the wall—school choice, the nation’s nuclear arsenal, veterans’ health and treatment of opioid addiction. (Sparshott and Mann, 3/16)

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