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Today’s OpEds: ACOs, Health Care Honesty And The Sanctity Of Health Insurance

Just What The Health Care System Ordered? AOL News
This year, some workers might see a new acronym in the alphabet soup of HMOs and PPOs. This one is called ACO, and it might be just the thing our health care system needs (Dr. Paul Grundy, 10/5).

Insurance Companies Shouldn't Drop Child-Only Health Care Policies The Seattle Times
If the insurance industry wants to maintain credibility as a partner in any reform movement, it should not be done on the backs of politically helpless children (Dr. Barry Lawson, 10/4).

Being Accurate Is The Least Of It Politico
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, possibly a primary opponent for [Mississippi Gov. Haley] Barbour in 2012, has a capacity for intellectual dishonesty that can take your breath away. He can denounce President Barack Obama's health care reform with such apparent sincerity and venom that you forget his own plan in Massachusetts was essentially the same (Michael Kinsley, 10/4).

The Honesty Caucus National Review
A funny thing happened on the way to the 2010 election - honesty about entitlements broke out, at least among the tea-party candidates who are reviled as wild-eyed and irresponsible (Rich Lowry, 10/5).

ObamaCare Can And Must Be Repealed Chicago Tribune
The thought is at once alluring or repulsive, reasonable or batty, depending on your politics. My politics say repeal is necessary and possible (Dennis Byrne, 10/5).

Health Insurance More Sacred Than Social Security Fox Business
Moreover, despite passage of ObamaCare we're less - not more - secure that we will continue to have work-based health insurance (Gail Buckner, 10/4).

Hospitals Must Overcome Language Barriers To Save Lives, Cut Costs The Huffington Post
Not having the right support in place to overcome language barriers when there is a medical emergency can be the difference between life and death (Louis Provenzano, 10/4).

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