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DeParle Gets GOP Cold Shoulder On Health Reform

Newspapers feature stories on Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., and White House health policy adviser Nancy-Ann DeParle.

Politico: "Senate Republicans say they want to 'smoke out' Democratic senators who could help them bring down the health care bill, and so far, they think they've found one in Sen. Jim Webb. With all the attention focused on four other fence-sitting moderates, Webb has voted with Republicans six times on the first series of amendments on the Senate floor - giving GOP leaders some hope that the unpredictable Virginian could buck his party in the end and block the bill" (Raju, 12/14).

Las Vegas Sun: DeParle "has been walking the halls of Congress since March, meeting with lawmakers one-on-one ... The health czar was making progress - until July. She noticed the climate suddenly shifted. Republicans stopped taking meetings with her, she said, and canceled those that were booked. Their offices would dial up hers to say the lawmaker 'doesn't see a need for a meeting, doesn't have time,' DeParle recalled in an interview last week with reporters in Washington. She said several lawmakers told her they would like to work with the White House but could not break from their party" (Mascaro, 12/13).

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