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Health Co-ops Emerge As Weak Substitute USA Today
The primary attraction of health co-ops seems to be that they're more politically palatable than the public option, not that they're a better idea. In fact, there are plenty of reasons for skepticism (8/5).

Opposing View: My Compromise Works USA Today
One of the most divisive issues in health reform is whether Americans should have the option of a new government-run health plan. Despite its virtues, this so-called public option cannot get 60 votes in the Senate. Its inclusion could doom the larger health reform effort. As a result, I was asked to develop a compromise. My proposal would create health care cooperatives to provide competition for the private insurance industry. The co-ops would be a public-interest alternative, but consumer-controlled, not government-run (Conrad, 8/5).

Working Across The Aisle For Health Reform The Washington Post
We refuse to let partisanship kill health reform -- and we are proof that it doesn't have to (Wyden and Bennett, 8/5). 

Stop Cycle Of Health Care Pain The Detroit News
While Congress barters and bickers over competing health care proposals, tens of millions of Americans -- some of them our own family members, friends and neighbors -- don't have adequate care available to them when they are sick. And the tragedy is getting worse (Gettelfinger, 8/5).

Dems Vs. Dems The Wall Street Journal
The news is how the political left and its lobbies are roughing up fellow Democrats who won't get with President Obama's government-run program. They're treating the centrists who helped make them a majority as if they were Newt Gingrich without the social conscience (8/5).

Obama Needs To Tell Us All To Slim Down The Times Union
As if President Barack Obama does not have enough on his plate, he should tell us to stop piling more on ours. The time is right for a national address to look us squarely in the eye and say, "You're fat!" (Jackson, 8/5).

Health Habits Should Weigh Heavier In Debate The Dallas Morning News
President Barack Obama and the Democrats should be on guard. But so, too, should ordinary Americans. Some doctors and insurance agents are saying what the politicians won't say -- we're doing a lousy job of taking care of our own health, even as we demand more care at less cost (Landers, 8/4). 

Jon Stewart Interviews Henry Waxman The Daily Show
Henry Waxman's goal of health care reform is simple, but the solutions turn it into a morbidly obese bill (8/4).

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