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Fixing Health Care Starts With The Doctors – Washington Post
It's the doctors stupid (Steven Pearlstein, 6/10).

Overseas, Under The Knife – New York Times
One consequence of the high cost of medical care in the United States has been the rise of medical tourism. Every year, thousands of Americans undergo surgery in other countries because the allure of good care at half the price is too good to pass up (Arnold Milstein, Mark D. Smith, Jerome P. Kassirer, 6/9).

Health Care Reform Or Just Expensive Entitlement Expansion? – McClatchy/Kaiser Health News
We desperately need health care reform in America to cover all of our people and to craft a sustainable health care system... But I fear we will not get the health care reform we so desperately need (Robert Laszewski, 6/9).

Our View On Health Care Reform – USA Today
Requiring everyone to obtain insurance is a useful idea that demands what elected officials have long been afraid to ask for - sacrifice and shared responsibility (6/10).

Health Care Reform: First, You'll Feel A Sharp Pinch – Wall Street Journal
Many politicians pushing to restructure the health-care system might shrink from the comparison, but they are making the same kind of pie-in-the-sky promises that President Ronald Reagan made when he took office and vowed to balance the budget (Peter Brown, 6/9). 

Sugar Taxed - Reuters
Still, given the alarming rates of obesity and diabetes in the United States, and given the dire need to finance health care reform, such a tax may do a lot of good (Dan Mitchell, 6/9).

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