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Snowe's Party Of One The Washington Post
"Snowe has taken a beating in the conservative media as part of the "turncoat caucus" and for being a RINO -- Republican in Name Only" (Michael Gerson, 10/21).

Protect Seniors' Drug Access The Orlando Sentinel
"Florida is home to the largest percentage of Americans aged 65 and older. These seniors are relying on our U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson to protect their interests as Congress crafts health-care-reform legislation. But it may be time for Nelson to double-check the pulse of his constituents" (Julio Fuentes, 10/21).

The 'Doc Fix' Should Make Us Nervous, Very Nervous The Dallas Morning News
"If Congress can't hold the line against the doctors today, lawmakers almost surely won't hold it in the future. And if they can't hold it in the future, you can say adios to any hopes of a health care bill being deficit neutral" (William McKenzie, 10/20).

Momentum For Pragmatic Change Is Growing The Des Moines Register
"All five congressional committees involved in health care have now completed their bills, and momentum is building in Congress to send landmark reform legislation to President Barack Obama's desk before Christmas. These bills share a strong common core" (Sen. Tom Harkin, 10/21).

Insurance Mandate Bad For Businesses The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"Yet one of the Democrats' major reform proposals would actually make it harder for America to dig out of the recession. The "pay or play" mandate - which would compel employers to either provide health insurance or pay a stiff penalty - would cripple businesses and cause many Americans to lose their jobs" (Janet Trautwein, 10/20).

The Doctor Fix Is In The Wall Street Journal
"President Obama has made serial promises that he will not sign a health-care bill that "adds one dime to our deficits, either now or in the future, period." This was never plausible, but now we can begin to understand what he meant: Democrats plan to make ObamaCare "deficit-neutral" by moving nearly a quarter-trillion dollars off the books, in the fiscal deception of the century" (10/21).

The Young People Can't Wait For Health Care Reform The Modesto Bee
"Increasingly, my fellow students at California State University, Stanislaus and I are finding out that reaching certain birthdays can mean losing access to health care. That's why I'm hopeful that the proposed reforms being considered in Congress will ensure that young people who age out of their coverage don't have to live in fear of needing costly health care" (Nikki Boudreau, 10/21). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.