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What About Costs? The Wall Street Journal
Many health experts are rightly skeptical that the current health-care reform legislation will lower spending growth, despite its many promising pilot projects and proposals (Mark McClellan, 1/20).

But Health Reform Still Critical The Boston Globe
Yesterday's results need not -- and must not -- stop the fundamental reform of the nation's health insurance system (1/20).

A Good Start The Wall Street Journal
Any major effort at health reform can be likened to a freight train parked at a station and being loaded with cargo. One can put too little cargo on the train, in which case it is a wasted effort. One can also load too much on it, in which case the train won't move (Uwe E. Reinhardt, 1/20).

The Lesson Of Massachusetts? Anger The Los Angeles Times
The president and his surrogates have done a lousy job selling the electorate on reform. Social Security and Medicare are our most popular social programs because they have two crucial attributes: they cover everybody, and their benefit to the individual can be explained in one declarative sentence. By contrast, the benefits of healthcare reform are diffuse (Tim Rutten, 1/20).

Massachusetts Senate Vote Fires Shot Heard 'Round Political World USA Today
In all their strategizing about how to pass health reform, Democrats never seriously considered - at least until the past few days - the possibility they could lose the special election to succeed Sen. Edward Kennedy, the late liberal icon and champion of universal care (1/20).

Give Nurses A Bigger Role In Improving Health Care Kaiser Health News
Our country is not taking advantage of all that nurses have to offer in terms of leadership, innovation and reform. We aren't fully utilizing the skills and talents that nurses offer-and that's a waste of a valuable resource (Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, 1/20).

More Action On Health Care The Washington Post
It's there in "Hamlet," in Shakespeare's most famous soliloquy. Item, under reasons "not to be": "the law's delay" (Harold Meyerson, 1/20). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.