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Wisconsin’s Health Policy Battles Signal State-Level Changes

The Washington Post reports on how the state's recent dust-up illustrates changes that have occurred in other states, too. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Journal Sential reports that state workers might see costlier health benefits.

The Washington Post: Wisconsin's Health-Care Fight Illustrates Challenges As States Change Leadership
Two weeks after President Obama signed the nation's health-care overhaul into law, then-Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle (D) issued an executive order creating an Office of Health Care Reform (Goldstein, 3/18).

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: State Workers Could See Costlier Health Benefits
The additional money that state employees will pay toward the cost of their health insurance this year could be just the start. The new budget-repair law, which increased their share of premiums to 12.4%, contains provisions that will bring other changes in 2012 and possibly 2013. … The result: State employees and others in the public sector could find themselves paying more for less coverage in coming years (Boulton, 3/20).

KHN Earlier, Related Coverage: Wisconsin Union Battle Masks Medicaid Tensions (Weaver, 2/25).

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