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As Focus Shifts To Jobs, The Uninsured Seek Solutions

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Nurse practitioner Mary Mackie reviews a patient’s file with a health counselor in the temporary site of the New Orleans Faith Health Alliance. (Debbie Elliott/NPR) The national debate over health care appears to be taking a back seat to jobs creation – but the problem persists for people who have jobs but no health insurance. […]

Facing Aging Without Health Insurance

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Fernando Arriola, 58, had full health coverage for years at his former job, but since starting his own contracting business, there are no affordable coverage options for him and his wife. Part of our special series, “Are You Covered? A Look at Americans and Health Insurance,” produced in partnership with NPR.

Democrats Get An Earful On Health Care

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At town hall meetings across the U.S., congressional Democrats have met with unruly crowds ready to voice their concerns over the health care overhaul. Even Alabama’s conservative Democrats, who oppose the current legislation, haven’t escaped the wrath. This story comes from our partner NPR News.