Julie Rovner, NPR News

Ranks Of The Uninsured Keep Growing

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The U.S. census’ estimates of how many people in the country don’t have health insurance won’t be done until late summer, but the CDC is out with a snapshot of its own. And the findings aren’t pretty.

Medicare Advantage Plans Earn So-So Quality Grades

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An analysis by the consulting firm Avalere Health finds less than a fourth of the roughly 11 million people enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans as of this spring belonged to plans that had earned four- or five-star quality ratings from Medicare officials.

Health Law Rolls Back Abortion Rights, Groups Say

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Recent fights between anti-abortion groups could leave people with the impression that the new health overhaul law expands women’s access to abortion. But abortion-rights groups vehemently disagree. “There are extraordinary things in health care reform for women,” says Judy Lichtman, a senior adviser to the National Partnership for Women and Families, which supports abortion rights. […]