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Pricey New Prostate Cancer Therapy Raises Questions About Safety, Cost

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This story comes from our partner ‘s Shots blog. Bill Sneddon had a feeling he was in trouble when his doctor called with his latest test results. “I just had a premonition that something’s not right,” said Sneddon, 68, of Ocean Township, N.J. And, sure enough, Sneddon’s instincts were right. He had prostate cancer. “Well, it’s […]

Studies Reignite Mammography Debate For Middle-Aged Women

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This story comes from our partner ‘s Shots blog. Should women in their 40s routinely get mammograms to detect breast cancer? Two studies released Monday aim to help resolve that question, which is one of the most intense debates in women’s health. The studies identify which women in their 40s are most likely to benefit from […]

Should Doctors Be ‘Parsimonious’ About Health Care?

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This story comes from our partner ‘s Shots blog. A major medical group issued ethical guidelines on Monday that take the provocative position of urging doctors to consider cost-effectiveness when deciding how to treat their patients. The American College of Physicians, the second-largest U.S. doctors’ group after the American Medical Association, included the recommendation in […]