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Current, Former Presidents Promote Enrollment In Marketplaces

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This story comes from our partner ‘s Shots blog. President Obama’s health care law has so far survived challenges in Congress and the courts. But its biggest test could begin next week. That’s when the online marketplaces offering health care coverage to the uninsured are set to start signing people up. The question is, will […]

Health Bill Opponents Mount Full-Court Press

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Lawmakers are under intense pressure in the health care debate. The president is hitting the road to reassure nervous House members and shore up support for his plan. Republicans are taking their opposition to the bill directly to the voters, too.

Could Lawsuit Curbs Pave Way For Health Care Deal?

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The GOP has long said that many of the ills of the nation’s health care system can be remedied with a cap on medical malpractice suits. Democrats say limits on pain and suffering awards are not the answer. Could a compromise save the president’s health care initiative? This story comes from our partner NPR News.