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Debating Medicaid Block Grants

Columnists Harold Pollack and Michael F. Cannon contribute very different opinions on the Republican proposal to fundamentally change Medicaid, the state-federal health program that covers 50 million poor and disabled. Currently, it guarantees coverage to anyone who meets eligibility requirements. The 2012 House GOP budget, which passed the House of Representatives April 15, calls for the federal government to give states block grants to pay for Medicaid, which states would administer as they see fit.

The Real Impact Of Cutting Medicaid – Just When We Need It The MostHarold Pollack

The recent policy debate surrounding the health care safety net seems predicated on the philosophy that we must sharply shrink government despite the accompanying human costs. That vision is most congenial to those who feel comfortable and safe without public help.


Yes, Cut Medicaid – It Won’t Be As Painful As You Think Michael F. Cannon

The president and the Republicans agree that balancing the federal budget is impossible without restraining Medicaid spending. That will be much easier if we could stop pretending that every single Medicaid enrollee needs to be there.