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The People Behind Suicide Hotlines

KHN Morning Briefing

Counselors must assess the crisis level of callers — and protect their own mental health, as well. In other news: suicide in young children is inexplicably on the rise and the transgender community is particularly vulnerable to suicide, as are college students.

Suicidal Students Devastated By Universities’ Responses To Crises: ‘I Reached Out For Help And Now I’m Suddenly Getting Blamed For It’

KHN Morning Briefing

A series of legal challenges against universities’ policies on students’ mental health highlights the way the organizations struggle to respond to the young people in need. In other mental health news, conversion therapy is getting attention because of big-screen movies as states work to limit and ban the practice.

When Others Have Given Up On Patients, This Neurologist Steps In

KHN Morning Briefing

Dr. Alice Flaherty likes to tinker with machines until she fixes what’s broken. And her current interest involves patients who others say aren’t really sick or lack motivation to get better. “I got interested in that whole thing, like if you want to get better then you’re sick, if you don’t want to get better, then it’s a vice,” she says. “What was it that made us attribute willfulness to people who were obviously miserable?” In other public health news: smoking, video game addiction, autism, diets, ticks, alternative medicines, and more.