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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Children Who Were Held In Psychiatric Hospitals After They’d Been Cleared By Doctors For Release

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“The effects of holding children (beyond medical necessity) are heartbreaking at an individual level and staggering when multiplied among all the children who have been subjected to the practice,” the lawsuit against the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services claims. Other news on mental health care comes out of Maryland, New York, Iowa and New Hampshire.

Gun Control Vs. Mental Health Care: Debate After Mass Shootings Obscures Murky Reality

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More than half of mass shooters have serious mental health disorders, experts say, but the vast majority of mentally ill people are not violent. Some clinicians suggest strategic interventions, including closing loopholes in background checks to buy firearms and allowing family members to confiscate guns under temporary court orders for relatives at risk of doing harm.

Anthony Bourdain’s Suicide Prompts Those In Notoriously Brutal Culinary Industry To Speak Out About Mental Health Struggles

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Insiders have long worried privately about the lifestyle of people who work in the restaurant industry, which has one of the highest rates of illicit drug use and alcoholism and a tradition of masking mental-health struggles. In other news on mental health: farmers devastated by Florence are especially vulnerable to depression and judges are starting to favor outpatient treatment over hospitalization.

In Region Dubbed America’s ‘Suicide Belt,’ One Community Takes Proactive Measures To Improve Kids’ Mental Health

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Residents of Grand Junction, Colo. say it’s a battle to fight the stigma and “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality that runs deep in the rural mountain area. Meanwhile, patients with mental illness are given a voice in what scientists should work on in the field, and a new study looks at the emotional trauma some college students experienced following the 2016 presidential election.