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The Anti-Abortion Network Has Been Built Over Five Decades And It’s Closer Than Ever To Dismantling Roe V. Wade

KHN Morning Briefing

The anti-abortion movement has been making steady gains in the past few years, and scored major victories with three recent restrictive bills passed in Georgia, Alabama and Missouri. The New York Times looks into the network that’s been built up over the past 50 years. Meanwhile, the courts and state legislatures continue to consider abortion-related issues.

California Investigation Blames PG&E Equipment For Igniting Deadliest Wildfire

KHN Morning Briefing

The utility, which had already acknowledged its electrical transmission lines were probably the cause of last November’s blazes, could face criminal charges following the report from state fire investigators and be held responsible for billions of dollars associated with the destruction and loss of lives. PG&E filed for bankruptcy protection in January.

Untangling The Inflammatory Rhetoric Around Abortion Bills In Georgia, Alabama

KHN Morning Briefing

The abortion bills are not simple, especially Georgia’s, which experts say sends you “down a rabbit hole” and that you “have to be a lawyer to understand.” But fear and confusion over the measures has distorted some of the facts of the bills. Meanwhile, the legislation is part of a wave a similar restrictive measures under consideration throughout the south and Midwest.