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GOP Convention: Christie Promises ‘Hard Truths’ From Romney

Excerpts on health issues from Gov. Chris Christie’s keynote speech, plus speeches by former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum and former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis.

A transcript follows.

RICK SANTORUM: Four and a half years ago I stood over a hospital isolette, staring at the tiny hands of our newborn daughter who we hoped was perfectly healthy. But Bella’s hands were just a little different. And I knew different wasn’t good news. The doctors later told us that Bella — that Bella was incompatible with life and to prepare to let go. They said even if she did survive, her disabilities would be so severe that Bella would not have a life worth living. We didn’t let go.

Today Bella is full of life. And she has made our lives and countless others, much more worth living.

I thank God that America still has one party that reaches out their hands in love to lift up all of God’s children, born and unborn.

ARTUR DAVIS: And in terms of their crown-jewel legislative achievement, who knew that when asked, could government conceivably impose a federal mandate requiring middle-class Americans to buy health insurance, whether they could afford it or not, that the Obama answer would be: Yes we can.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: We believe in telling hardworking families the truth about our country’s fiscal realities, telling them what they already know: The math of federal spending does not add up.
With $5 trillion in debt added over the last four years, we have no other option but to make the hard choices, cut federal spending and fundamentally reduce the size of this government.

Want to know what they believe? They believe that the American people want to hear the truth about the extent of our fiscal difficulties. They believe the American people need to be coddled by big government. They believe the American people are content to live the lie with them. They are wrong.

We believe in telling our seniors the truth about our overburdened entitlements. We know seniors not only want these programs to survive, but they just as badly want them secured for their grandchildren.

Mitt Romney will tell us the hard truths we need to hear to end the torrent of debt that is compromising our future and burying our economy.

Mitt Romney will tell us the hard truths we need to hear to end the debacle of putting the world’s greatest care system in the hands of federal bureaucrats and putting those bureaucrats between an American citizen and her doctor.

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