Table: Estimated New Medicaid Enrollees Under The Health Law
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Table: Estimated New Medicaid Enrollees Under The Health Law

As many as 9 million people who were expected to get Medicaid under the health law may not if all of the 26 states that challenged the law decide not to expand their programs, according to the Urban Institute. The Supreme Court Thursday ruled that the Medicaid expansion is optional for states. Here is an estimate of how many people in each state are expected to gain Medicaid coverage under the health law, if all states move forward. The estimates come from a 2010 report by the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured.

< < Ruling Puts Pressure On States To Act

States That Challenged The Law includes all states that were plaintiffs in either the Florida vs. HHS or Virginia vs. Sebelius federal lawsuits.

State Projected New Medicaid Enrollees
States That Challenged The Law
Alabama 351,567
Alaska 42,794
Arizona 105,428
Colorado 245,730
Florida 951,622
Georgia 646,557
Idaho 85,883
Indiana 297,737
Iowa 114,691
Kansas 143,445
Louisiana 366,318
Maine 43,468
Michigan 589,965
Mississippi 320,748
Nebraska 83,898
Nevada 136,563
North Dakota 28,864
Ohio 667,376
Pennsylvania 482,366
South Carolina 344,109
South Dakota 31,317
Texas 1,798,314
Virginia 372,470
Wisconsin 205,987
Utah 138,918
Washington 295,662
Wyoming 29,899
States That Did Not Challenge The Law
Arkansas 200,690
California 2,008,796
Connecticut 114,083
Delaware 12,081
District of Columbia 28,900
Hawaii 84,130
Illinois 631,024
Kentucky 329,000
Maryland 245,996
Massachusetts 29,921
Minnesota 251,783
Missouri 307,872
Montana 57,356
New Hampshire 55,918
New Jersey 390,490
New Mexico 145,024
New York 305,945
North Carolina 633,485
Oklahoma 357,150
Oregon 294,600
Rhode Island 41,185
Tennessee 330,932
Vermont 4,484
West Virginia 121,635
TOTAL 15,904,173
Source: The Kaiser Commission On Medicaid And The Uninsured