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Use Of Psychiatric Drugs Soars In California Jails

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A combination of factors has led to an “astronomical” increase in mentally ill inmates, followed by increased efforts to identify those who need prescriptions. Some say the meds are underprescribed; others, that they are given inappropriately, without the benefit of comprehensive treatment.

Health Law Expanded Coverage For Ex-Inmates, But Gaps Remain

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The health law’s Medicaid expansion and its requirement that employer medical plans cover dependents up to age 26 had a significant impact on coverage for this population. The portion of young adult ex-inmates without insurance fell from 40 percent to 32 percent.

A Rocky Road To Recovery

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Prison helped Richie Tannerhill overcome substance abuse, but that was just the beginning of rebuilding his life.

When Prisons Need To Be More Like Nursing Homes

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By 2030, nearly one-third of all inmates will be over 55, the ACLU says, and caring for aged prisoners often costs twice as much as caring for younger ones. Some states – New York, California and Connecticut — are confronting the problem, however, with innovative programs meant to improve care and save money.