The Players

The Players



Date of Birth: April 18, 1947.

Education: B.A., Oberlin; J.D., University of Pennsylvania.

Career Path: Rother began his career as a Senate lawyer, first for Jacob Javits, R-N.Y., and then for the Special Committee on Aging. He became AARP’s head policy staffer in 1984.

Role in Health Care Reform, 1993-1994: As policy director for AARP, he helped coordinate the organization’s support for Clinton’s legislation.

Why He’s a Player Now: Rother, a strong proponent of reform, has the ear of lawmakers who want AARP’s support in order to pass any health reform bill. But he’ll want to ensure that seniors are treated fairly under any bill. The organization has over 35 million members.

Quote: There are few issues of greater concern to AARP`s membership than improving health insurance markets across the United States to assure that all Americans have available to them affordable high quality coverage choices. Many older Americans, especially those age 50-64 who are not yet eligible for Medicare or those with pre-existing chronic conditions, often cannot secure health coverage at any price AARP believes our health care system costs too much, wastes too much, makes too many mistakes, and gives back too little value for our money. That is why AARP, on behalf of our 40 million members, believes Congress must pass health care reform that controls costs, improves quality, and provides all Americans with affordable, quality health care choices (Testimony before the Senate HELP Committee, June 11, 2009).

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