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Fight Over Dialysis Payments Draws In The Big Guns

KHN Morning Briefing

Lawmakers in the California Senate health committee are set to vote Wednesday on a measure that would crack down on third-party premium assistance for dialysis patients. The bill has the backing of insurers and powerful labor groups.

Pharma’s Anti-Competitive Tactics That Stymie Generics Drugmakers Targeted By Officials, Lawmakers

KHN Morning Briefing

Generic drug developers need samples of brand-name drugs to show that a generic copy is equivalent to the original, but the drug companies are refusing to provide samples of their products. In other pharmaceutical news: an appeals court hands the industry a victory in price gouging case; a former Mallinckrodt employee claims she was fired for warning company about illegal sales practices; and a shortage of EpiPens outside the U.S.

Massachusetts Wants To Rein In Drug Prices By Limiting What Medications Are Covered By Medicaid

KHN Morning Briefing

But advocates and drug companies say that would harm patients and be a radical departure from how Medicaid operates now. The decision could have a nationwide impact as states look at ways to bring down spiking drug costs. Meanwhile, a new study supports the industry’s argument that even as list prices rise, net prices are going down with discounts like rebates.