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No Food Delivered By Inexperienced Company Awarded Millions To Distribute Boxes To Hungry Americans

KHN Morning Briefing

Lawmakers and food banks want to know how the small event planner won a $39 million federal contract with no experience distributing food to charities. The company’s failure to deliver a single box of food so far also raise larger questions about the Agriculture Department’s $3 billion “Farmers to Families Food Box” program, aimed at helping people during the pandemic. Other news on the food supply reports on an Oklahoma food bank and a Nebraska meat packing plant.

Congress Created Emergency Program To Combat Child Hunger, But Only 15% Have Been Helped

KHN Morning Briefing

Many children rely on schools to provide them at least one meal a day, but advocates and lawmakers are concerned that the problem of childhood hunger would only get worse during the lock down. But as of mid-May only 12 states sent eligible families money and only two had completed the process. Meanwhile, experts warn about a global hunger crisis on the horizon.

Even As States Start To Reopen, 20 Report An Increase In New Cases

KHN Morning Briefing

Some states in the South are seeing double-digit increases but have no plans to pull the emergency break on their reopening schedule. Meanwhile, experts predict a slow burn period for the summer. And experts take a look at the early days of the pandemic, how hot spots became hot spots, the danger of “super spreaders” and more.

Nursing Homes’ Multi-Million Dollar Lobbying Machine Gets To Work On Liability Protections

KHN Morning Briefing

The industry is vigorously seeking protection from lawsuits that will likely stem from the wave of deaths in nursing homes across the country. But advocates urge lawmakers not to protect nursing homes were neglect and understaffing were big problems even before the pandemic. In other news: how warnings about overrun hospitals put nursing home patients at risk; the White House fails to meet its goal on nursing home testing; a veterans’ home that had chronic issues to begin with; and a national reckoning.

Some States Have Hand On Emergency Break As They Reopen, But Others Don’t Have Surge Plan

KHN Morning Briefing

Some states have set guidelines to watch out for if reopening triggers another spike that could overwhelm the health system. But others are reopening without any plans to shut down again. The upcoming summer will likely hint at what’s coming in the fall. Meanwhile, a look back at past pandemics shows the dangers of reopening too soon.

McConnell Suggests Next Coronavirus Relief Package ‘Not Too Far Off’ As Senate Adjourns For Week

KHN Morning Briefing

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) faces increasing pressure from both inside and outside his party to pass another round of relief legislation. But so far he’s been taking a wait-and-see approach, essentially ignoring the $3 trillion bill passed by the House. Meanwhile, the Senate was unable to finalize a deal to extend the amount of time companies have to spend loans obtained through the Paycheck Protection Program.

U.S. Invests Up To $1.2 Billion With Drugmaker In Effort To Secure 300 Million Doses Of Potential Vaccine

KHN Morning Briefing

The government made the deal with AstraZeneca as part of its “Operation Warp Speed” vaccine push. The drugmaker will begin late-stage clinical trials this summer with roughly 30,000 people for the potential vaccine developed at a Oxford University lab. The deal is the latest in a funding race that’s quickly heating up as countries try to secure vaccines that haven’t even been developed yet.

Vulnerable Republicans Express Frustration Over Leadership’s Wait-And-See Mentality

KHN Morning Briefing

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is adamant that the upper chamber won’t rush to pass another coronavirus relief package, despite the House’s ambitious legislation. But not everyone in the party is on board with that plan. Meanwhile, McConnell vows to end the beefed up $600 unemployment benefits policy.