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Policy Perspectives: The Individual Mandate Fight Goes On – This Time, In A Tax Bill

KHN Morning Briefing

Opinion writers question the policy rationale, math and impact involved as Congress considers a GOP plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate as part of a Republican tax overhaul proposal. They also examine other health policy issues, including how rising health care costs cut into everyday American’s take-home pay and a program that involves unions and home health workers.

Giant In The Health Policy Landscape Uwe Reinhardt Dies At 80

KHN Morning Briefing

Uwe Reinhardt was an economist who helped shape health care deliberations for decades as a prolific contributor to numerous publications, an adviser to White House and congressional policymakers, a member of federal and professional commissions and a consultant and board member, paid and unpaid, for private industry.

Repeal Of ACA Individual Mandate To Be Added To Senate Tax Bill

KHN Morning Briefing

Following a renewed push from President Donald Trump and conservative senators, Senate Republicans agree to include a measure repealing the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate to their version of the tax bill.

After Navigators’ Budget Slashed, Consumers Being Directed To Get Help From Private Brokers

KHN Morning Briefing

But advocates worry that shifting from a nonprofit model to one where the agent stands to make a commission will ultimately hurt consumers. Meanwhile, a study finds that competition in the Affordable Care Act exchanges has gone down, Democrats seize on health care as a political weapon, and five states ask a judge to halt the rollback of the health law’s birth control mandate.