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Gottlieb Says He Can Be Most Effective At FDA, But Dodges Question On Nomination Talks

KHN Morning Briefing

“I feel like I want to continue to follow through on the policies we’ve put out and it’s where I think I can be most effective,” said Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, whose name has been floated as a replacement for former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump names an acting secretary for the agency.

Trump’s Proposed ‘Association Plans’ Popular With Conservatives, But Insurers Aren’t Fans

KHN Morning Briefing

The White House plans to issue executive orders to promote selling insurance across state lines and “association health plans,” which would allow small employers to band together to offer coverage that wouldn’t be subject to the full range of ACA requirements. But some insurers fear that associations would peel off healthier and younger individuals and leave traditional insurance plans to cover sicker and older customers.

NYC Public Hospitals Will Not Fill Many Vacancies Because Of Federal Funding Cutbacks

KHN Morning Briefing

State and city officials are working to sort out how to deal with a $2.6 billion reduction in federal funds for all state hospitals. Also, Politico examines the impact of the growing number of closures of rural hospitals, and voters in Oregon are likely to be asked to approve a new tax on health providers.