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10 Years Ago This Lawyer Went Up Against Pharma Over Opioids And Won. Now He’s Ready For Round Two.

KHN Morning Briefing

Back in 2007, Purdue settled with individual patients who alleged that it had underplayed the addiction risk of its medications. It was a huge case for lawyer Paul Hanly and a rare win against makers of painkillers. Now, in an entirely different landscape — one where these companies are becoming the targets of states who want to try to curb the national crisis — Hanly is gearing up to go again. Meanwhile, PBS looks at how the brain gets addicted to opioids in the first place.

New Moral, Religious Exemptions To Birth Control Mandate Prompt Medical Groups To Speak Out

KHN Morning Briefing

“Contraception is a medical necessity for women during approximately 30 years of their lives,” the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said. About 200 employers that are involved in suing the government over the requirement to provide contraception coverage would likely take advantage of the rule change, the administration estimated.