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Police, Regardless Of Race, Have Implicit Bias Against Black People, Studies Have Found

KHN Morning Briefing

Some advocates suggest that the police department should reflect the racial makeup of the community it’s supposed to be serving. But studies have shown that the race of a police officer doesn’t fully negate the implicit bias toward Black people. In other news on racism and disparities: protests call for more action on police reform, doctors discuss bias in the medical field, Latinos demand an apology from the Florida governor, and more.

Virus Infections Rapidly Increasing In Latino Populations, Outpacing Other Racial And Ethnic Minorities

KHN Morning Briefing

“For both the African American and Latino populations there’s a triple threat,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, former director of the CDC. “The first is that there’s more exposure, the second is that there’s more underlying health problems sometimes, and the third is there’s less access to health care.” Meanwhile, experts in the Trump administration remain largely quiet on the disparities being seen in the pandemic.