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At Rally, Trump Employs Campaign Tactics To Build Support For GOP’s Replacement Plan

“We want Americans to be able to purchase the health insurance plans they want, not the plans forced on them by our government,” President Donald Trump tells supporters in Nashville.

The New York Times: Trump Urges Supporters To Unite Behind G.O.P. Health Plan
President Trump made a plea on Wednesday for his supporters to unite behind the Republican plan to overhaul Americans’ health care as the only way to squelch Democratic attempts to scuttle the plan. At the same time, facing resistance to the bill from within his own party, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said it would be refined and improved. (Davis, 3/15)

Reuters: Trump Barnstorms To Push Healthcare Plan; Signs Of Conservative Support
Trump used campaign-like language in his Wednesday night speech, pledging "to repeal and replace horrible, disastrous Obamacare." Speaking to reporters aboard presidential plane Air Force One after the rally, Trump expressed optimism about his plan's chances in Congress. "We're going to come up with something. We always do," he said. (Cornwell and Stephenson, 3/15)

Meanwhile, the president's approach shows he knows how the success of the plan will reflect on him —

The Associated Press: High Stakes For Trump On GOP Health Care Bill
As a new president who has vowed to keep his campaign promises, Donald Trump knows he'll be judged on whether he can repeal the so-called Obamacare law and replace it with something new. Dealing with skepticism from conservatives and moderates alike, the White House is considering changes to the bill that might reassure conservatives, all in an effort to muscle through the GOP-backed health care plan in the House next week. (Thomas and Lucey, 3/16)

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