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Dems Schedule Own Contraception Hearing

House Democrats have scheduled their own hearing in response to last week's all-male panel organized by House Republicans on the Obama administration's contraception rule. The Democrats have invited a young woman to testify but say that GOP leaders won't allow them to televise it.  

Politico: Dems: GOP Won't Let Us Televise Contraception Hearing
First, House Democrats couldn't get a woman onto the all-male panel at a contraception hearing last week. Now, they've invited her to testify at their own unofficial hearing — and they say the Republicans won't let them televise it (Haberkorn, 2/21).

National Journal: In Contraception Fracas, Pelosi And Other Dems Schedule Own Hearing
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., announced that she and members of the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee will hold their own hearing Thursday on the "issue of women's health." Last week the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, led by its chairman, Darrell Issa, R-Calif., held a hearing into the controversial rule from the Obama administration requiring all employers, including religious-affiliated institutions, to offer health insurance plans that cover birth control free of cost to women (House, 2/21).

Chicago Sun-Times: Cranking It Up: Pelosi Leading Contraception War Charge
Pelosi announced that Democrats will hold a hearing Thursday featuring the woman, Sandra Fluke, a law student, who was not allowed to be part of that panel. Some Republicans — including the presidential candidates — are trying to frame getting contraception for women covered through the new Obama health care law as an issue of religious liberty. But the reality is — as women who use birth control know — there is a lot more to the story (Sweet, 2/21).

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