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Republicans Sharpen Attacks After Health Vote

The New York Times: "Even before the final vote, Republicans began relentlessly assailing lawmakers who supported the legislation, suggesting Democrats are spendthrift and proponents of big government. … A fresh multimillion-dollar wave of television and radio advertisements was to begin Tuesday morning, with groups on both sides of the contentious health care issue trying to influence the lasting impressions about the long legislative debate. … Republicans also expect to take advantage of the fact that while the health bill may ultimately help contain rising premiums, it is unlikely to actually bring the cost of health insurance down, and certainly not in the short term" (Zeleny and Stolberg, 3/21).

Politico reports that several Republican candidates for office across the country quickly used the passage of the health care bill in the House to announce their opposition to the legislation as part of their campaigns. "'When I am elected to Congress I will lead the fight to repeal this horrendous legislation,' added Republican Jim Barnett, who is running for the open seat in Kansas's 1st District … Barnett was one of many Republicans promising to work toward undoing the landmark legislation" (3/22).

Politico, in a separate story, reports that Republican state attorneys general are already discussing the possibility of a multi-state lawsuit. "We plan to file the moment [President Barack] Obama signs the bill. ... It will lay out why the bill is unconstitutional and tramples individual and states' rights," Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott wrote on his Facebook page Sunday (Burns, 3/22).

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