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Medicare Cuts, Competing Views On Overhaul Keep Health Issues Hot In Campaign

The New York Times: Delicate Pivot As Republicans Blast Rivals On Medicare Cuts
"Obamacare cuts Medicare — cuts Medicare — by approximately $500 billion," Mr. Romney has told audiences. That is a reprise of Republicans’ mantra of the 2010 midterm elections, which gave them big gains at both the state and federal levels and a majority in the House. Yet the message conflicts not only with their past complaint that Democrats opposed reining in Medicare spending, but also with the fact that House Republicans have voted twice since 2010 for the same 10-year, $500 billion savings in supporting Mr. Ryan’s annual budgets (Calmes, 7/6).

The Hill: GOP Seeks To Rebound As Democrats Hit Reset On Healthcare Reform Debate
The Supreme Court ruling on healthcare reform has upended the parties' messaging war, and led to a series of adjustments on both sides of the aisle. Republicans, still reeling from the conservative-leaning court's decision to uphold President Obama's signature law, are looking to regain their political legs. Democrats, who were pummeled by the GOP over the last couple of years on healthcare, are going on offense (Viebeck, 7/7).

Politico: Health Care Ruling Could Tip Races
Former Democratic Rep. Dan Maffei lost in 2010 after facing heat over his health care vote and he'd like to just move on as he tries to regain his seat in 2012. GOP Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle beat Maffei by running on an anti "Obamacare" platform and she's more than happy to keep talking about the Supreme Court ruling from last week. ... It's a theme that's sure to play out in swing districts across the country. Democrats will argue that the Supreme Court has spoken on the health care law, and try turn the conversation toward improving the economy. Republicans will say the law — even though parts of it are popular — tramples on individual freedoms and is a burdensome regulatory juggernaut (Nocera, 7/7).

Los Angeles Times: Healthcare Ruling Triggered Millions In Campaign Donations
The long-term political consequences of last week's Supreme Court ruling on the healthcare law remains unclear. But early indications show that as a fundraising tool, the 5-4 decision is a boon for both parties. ... After 24 hours, more than 47,000 donors had contributed a total of $4.6 million (to Mitt Romney). The Obama campaign, which also hit up supporters for post-decision donations, declined to specify how much it raised, though a spokesman said it was more than what the Romney campaign said its effort drew (Memoli, 7/6).

Politico Pro: In Weekly GOP Address, Buerkle Hits Obama's Health Care Law
In the weekly Republican address Saturday, Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle (R-N.Y.) blamed President Barack Obama's health care law for the uncertain economy and disappointing jobs numbers released Friday. "The health care law, which carries an astronomical price tag and a mess of regulations, taxes and fees, fosters a climate of uncertainty and instability throughout our economy," Buerkle said as the House prepares for another repeal vote next week (Smith, 7/7).

CNN: Contrasting Economic Messages In Weekly Addresses
President Barack Obama touted in his weekly address the transportation and student loan measure he recently signed into law, while Republican Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle urged her congressional colleagues to do more in aid of the struggling economy - including repeal of Obama's health reform law (Wallace, 7/7).

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