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Health Law Politics Are Far From Over

The Washington Post reports that the political winds in individual states will impact the health law's chances for success or failure -- maybe even more than the current technical challenges that have been a hallmark of its roll out.

The Washington Post: Health-Care Law's Fate Could Hinge On Political Climate In Individual States
The greatest threats to the ultimate success of the new health-care law come not from the technical problems that have plagued its rollout, but from a hostile political climate in many individual states and from potentially serious weaknesses in its design. Those are the conclusions of a cautionary report just published by the Brookings Institution's new Center for Effective Public Management (Tumulty, 10/15).

Also in the news, KHN details the things millenials need to know about the overhaul and HealthyCal reports that mobile health clinics have a lot to benefit.

Kaiser Health News: 9 Things Millenials Need To Know About Obamacare (But Likely Don't)
Despite being tapped into social media networks and watching The Daily Show, only 10 percent of young Americans say they are very familiar with the Affordable Care Act. Here’s what you need to know" (Rao and Evans, 10/16).

Healthy Cal: Mobile Health Clinics Hopeful About ACA
Managers who run mobile health clinics are hopeful that the new health care law will benefit them – not put them out of business. For decades, mobile health care vans have primarily served the uninsured – making a dent in a substantial problem. The U.S. has 55 million uninsured nonelderly residents, according a May 2013 report by the Congressional Budget Office. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will require most of them to get insurance or pay a fine, starting in January. The CBO estimates that 14 million people will enroll in a health plan in 2014. The question is, will that help or hurt the mobile clinics? (Potter, 10/15).

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