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Analyzing The Health Law’s ‘Prognosis’

As experts continue to parse the specifics of a federal Judge's Monday ruling striking down the health overhaul, experts speculate about what the Supreme Court could decide. Meanwhile, insurers, health industry stakeholders and even state officials mull their next steps.

The New York Times: Awaiting Health Law's Prognosis
With a court decision on Monday declaring the health care law unconstitutional and Republicans intent on repealing at least parts of it, thousands of Americans with major illnesses are facing the renewed prospect of losing their health insurance coverage (Abelson, 2/1).

NPR: How Will Supreme Court Rule On Health Care Law?
This week, for the second time, a federal judge has struck down part or all of the health care law enacted by Congress last year. But legal experts caution against drawing any conclusions from these decisions. … History indicates that early court decisions are hardly predictive (Totenberg, 2/2).

The Associated Press: Too Big To Stop? Obama's Overhaul Lumbers On
It has too much momentum for one judge to stop it. Most insurers, hospital executives and state officials expect they'll keep carrying out President Barack Obama's health care overhaul even after a federal judge cast its fate in doubt by declaring all of it unconstitutional. "It's still the law of the land," said William Hoagland, vice president for public policy at health insurer Cigna. "We'll continue to proceed with its requirements, and (the ruling) will not slow that down. We have no other choice until this thing is resolved one way or the other." Insurers spent millions to block passage of the law (Alonso-Zaldivar, 2/2).

The Wall Street Journal: Health Care Companies Staying The Course
Health care companies said they were pressing forward with plans to implement the federal health-overhaul law, despite a new legal ruling that declared it to be unconstitutional (Johnson and Hobson, 2/2).

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