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Health Care Reform The Salt Lake Tribune
In the best of circumstances, financial forecasting is an inexact science, and when a complex piece of federal legislation has as many interlocking parts and assumptions as this one does, it's impossible. We realize that this bill is something of a leap of faith. Still, we believe it is a leap worth taking, despite the added costs it will impose on businesses and individuals (11/2).

Medical Tourism: Outsourcing Your Health Los Angeles Times
If the reforms being decided in Washington don't clearly reduce costs for healthcare and insurance -- and right now they're headed in the wrong direction -- American workers may find themselves facing "incentives" for overseas surgery that border on coercion (Judy Dugan, 11/3).

Real Reform Of Health Care Is Essential For People Of Color Des Moines Register
For people of color, life is shorter, chronic illness more prevalent and disability more common. These are side effects of a health-care system that provides these communities with narrower opportunities for regular health services, fewer treatment options and lower-quality care (Benjamin Todd Jealous, 11/3). 

Major Congressional Reforms Demand Bipartisan Support The Wall Street Journal
For decades, a rule of thumb in Washington has said that there should be popular support and a bipartisan majority before approving an initiative that significantly affects tens of millions of Americans. Health-care reform-ObamaCare-has neither, yet Democrats want to impose it anyway. If they succeed, the consequences could be devastating for the country and probably for the president and his party (Fred Barnes, 11/2).

Changing the Doctor Payment Scheme Forbes
Medicare is so enmeshed in the practice of medicine that it seems the only way to get a handle on costs is for the agency to ensconce itself still further. But if legislators were designing Medicare today, there's a lot we would do differently, and still can (Scott Gottlieb, 11/3).

Time To Stop All The Bickering And Deliver For Americans Miami Herald
We need to focus on what is most important in this debate. We can all agree on healthcare delivery reforms that will make our system much more cost-effective, on health insurance market reforms that will make insurance more affordable and more accessible for millions of Americans; and on reaching out to the millions of Americans who qualify for existing government programs such as Medicaid yet are not enrolled (Sen. Joe Lieberman, 11/3). 

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