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The Real Town Hall Story The Washington Post
There is an overwhelming case that the electronic media went out of their way to cover the noise and ignored the calmer (and from television's point of view "boring") encounters between elected representatives and their constituents (E.J. Dionne Jr., 9/3).

Climbing The Hill On Health Care The Wall Street Journal
[S]hould Republican intransigence continue, Democrats cannot simply stop. They cannot ignore the human suffering as well as their fiscal responsibility to act. ... The choice between complete legislative failure and majority rule should not pose a dilemma for any Democratic senator (Tom Daschle, 9/2).

Roosevelt: The Great Divider The New York Times
Roosevelt understood that governing involved choice and that choice engendered dissent. He accepted opposition as part of the process. It is time for the Obama administration to step up to the plate and make some hard choices (Jean Edward Smith, 9/2).

Congress Should Reform Health Care Kennedy's Way Roll Call
Among the most common themes in the tributes paid to the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) was his willingness to negotiate across party lines and achieve his liberal goals incrementally, if necessary. It's time for his fellow Democrats and President Barack Obama to apply those principles to health care reform (Morton K. Kondracke, 9/2).

Health Insurers At The Table - Industry Proposals For Regulation And Reform The New England Journal of Medicine
While building on the strengths of the current system, our plan includes major insurance-market reforms that would fundamentally change the way health insurance works and, in so doing, provide peace of mind to all Americans, regardless of their health status or medical history (Karen Ignagni, 9/2).

Selling Out Doctors To Pay Off Trial Lawyers Politico
The "plain and simple truth" is that leaving the tort system "as is" ignores more than $200 billion in potential savings annually in health care. If the fundamental driving force behind any national health reform proposal is improving care and reducing costs, tort reform should be contained in every rational approach to health reform (Newt Gingrich and Wayne Oliver, 9/3).

Health Care In Denmark The Denver Post
Of course Denmark's universal health care means a higher overall tax bill and that healthy people are paying for the treatment of sick people through their taxes. But because the system is simpler and less profit-oriented, it ends up being cheaper for everybody (Christopher Rosenmeier, 9/3).

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