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Tax Penalties And The Health-Care Bill The Wall Street Journal
Two tax provisions in the health-care bill voted on by the House Ways and Means Committee earlier this summer have gained significant attention. One would impose a surtax on high-income earners. The other would force individuals (or their employers) who do not have approved health-insurance plans to pay a tax penalty. But there are other "revenue provisions" in the bill that also deserve a close look (James M. Peaslee, 8/25).

3 GOP Health Ideas Obama Would Do Well To Embrace USA Today
Despite vicious Republican attacks, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said last week that President Obama still wants a bipartisan health care plan. If that's the case, here's a modest suggestion: Incorporate some worthy Republican proposals (8/25).

Health Bill's Grim Political Prognosis The Philadelphia Inquirer
Given that the Obama administration's communications team has been widely praised as skillful and effective, it's surprising that Congress' August recess has confirmed what many suspected: The White House is devoid of a coherent message on its signature issue, health-care reform (Matt Mackowiak, 8/25).

What LBJ Would Do CNN
He would threaten, cajole, flirt, flatter, hug -- and get the health care bill passed (Tom Johnson, 8/24).

Replacing Senator Kennedy The New York Times
Senator Edward M. Kennedy has asked the Massachusetts Legislature to change state law to let the governor, currently a fellow Democrat, fill vacant Senate seats. Abandoning the current system, in which voters choose, would be undemocratic, even at the request of such a respected lawmaker (8/24).

The Need For Health-Care Reform: A Physician's Viewpoint The Clayton (N.C) News-Star
Truth be known, the current health-care system is so complex that even those of us who are directly involved in delivering patient care can be confounded by it at times. It is no wonder that it has become increasingly difficult for policymakers to clearly articulate to the public the nature of the current crisis (Chuck Williams, 8/24).

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