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Looking For A Level Field The Boston Globe
Every debate in health care would benefit from more transparency about what things really cost and who gets paid what (Steven Syre, 12/1).

Roosevelt Understood The Power Of A Public Option The New York Times
Public [electricity] plants, Roosevelt said, could bring power to those who needed it and serve as a yardstick for measuring and keeping in check the prices charged by private power companies (Adam Cohen, 11/30).

Utah Could Use Health Care Reform The Salt Lake Tribune
As the health care reform debate began Monday in the U.S. Senate, a look at the Utah numbers revealed a dismal picture for a state that prides itself on self-sufficiency, prudence and family values (11/30).

It's Time Now To Focus On Arizona's Health-Care System The Arizona Republic
Given what our state is contemplating with respect to the next round of budget cuts, I think some sharp focus on health care in Arizona is needed – now (Peter Fine, 12/1).

Health Reform Stirs Divergent Passions Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune
Your emotions about health-care reform depend upon your current situation and philosophy about who should be covered (Jerry Chautin, 11/30).

Who Pays? The Houston Chronicle
The matter of who pays for health care for illegal immigrants has been partially settled in the reform debate continuing in the Senate: The federal government will not. That … leaves a huge unanswered question for all: Who does pay? (11/30).

The Botax Whose Time Has Come CNBC
[S]ome women's groups have inexplicably denounced a 5% tax on elective cosmetic surgery that can help pay for truly vital care for women (Julie Roginsky, 11/30).
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