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Questions About Congressional Rules Could Complicate Further Repeal Efforts

Politico Pro reports that the Senate parliamentarian is looking into whether Republicans can continue to debate the replacement of the federal health law using fast-track procedures set up under the 2017 budget after the fiscal year ends on Sept. 30. In other news, Sen. Johnny Isakson talks about health issues and a look at how women view the health care debate.

Politico Pro: Parliamentarian Weighs Whether Senate GOP Can Push Fast-Track Repeal After Fiscal 2017
As President Donald Trump and conservatives push the Senate to take another stab after the August recess, the parliamentarian is considering whether the 2017 budget — which set up the rules for the expedited process of passing legislation with a simple majority — can still apply after the 2017 fiscal year ends on Sept. 30, according to Democratic sources. There is no precedent for using a budget reconciliation bill after the fiscal year ends. (Haberkorn, 8/17)

Kaiser Health News: Often Missing In The Health Care Debate: Women’s Voices
Women are hardly speaking in unison when it comes to overhauling health care. “Women’s health” means very different things to different people, based on their backgrounds and ages. A 20-year-old may care more about how to get free contraception, while a 30-year-old may be more concerned about maternity coverage. Women in their 50s might be worried about access to mammograms, and those in their 60s may fear not being able to afford insurance before Medicare kicks in at 65. ... To get a richer sense of women’s viewpoints on health care as the national debate continues, we asked several around the country and across generations to share their thoughts and personal experiences. (Gorman and Gold, 8/17)

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