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Appeals Court Blocks Ind. Law Barring Planned Parenthood Funding

The state had sought to cut Medicaid funding because Planned Parenthood also provides abortion services.

The Wall Street Journal: Ruling Is Win For Planned Parenthood In Indiana
A federal appeals court blocked an Indiana law that cut public funding to abortion providers, underscoring a divide in the federal judiciary over whether states can strip Planned Parenthood of subsidies for health services such as cancer screening and prenatal care (Palazzolo, 10/23).

The Associated Press/New York Times: Indiana: Court Rules For Planned Parenthood
Indiana cannot block Planned Parenthood from receiving Medicaid funds simply because the organization provides abortions, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday, upholding the crux of a lower court order that said the state could not deny patients the right to choose their own health care provider (10/23).

Bloomberg: Indiana Planned Parenthood Wins Ruling On Medicaid Funds
Planned Parenthood of Indiana Inc. won a federal appeals court decision that prevents the state from cutting its Medicaid funding because the group provides abortions. The U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago, upholding a lower-court injunction, said the organization was likely to prevail on its claim that the state can't cut off funding it's otherwise entitled to solely because of the group's abortion services. Governor Mitch Daniels, a Republican, last year signed legislation that bars state agencies from contracts or grants involving any entity that performs abortions or maintains facilities where they're performed (Harris, 10/23).

The Hill: Federal Court Bars Anti-Planned-Parenthood Law
The nationwide effort to cut off state funding to Planned Parenthood suffered another legal defeat Tuesday. A federal appeals court blocked Indiana from implementing a new law designed to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood. The law aims to deny Medicaid funding to any entity that provides abortions -- as Planned Parenthood does. But the organization says Indiana's law, which paved the way for similar efforts in other Republican-led states, threaten women's access to the myriad other health care services Planned Parenthood provides (Baker, 10/23).

Stateline: Federal Court Blocks Indiana Effort To Defund Planned Parenthood
A federal court has blocked an Indiana law that would cut off Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood because its clinics perform abortions. The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Tuesday upheld a lower court's injunction against the law which barred the state from contracting or making grants -- federal funding included -- to "any entity that performs abortions or maintains or operates a facility where abortions are performed" (Malewitz, 10/24).

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