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In Government We Trust? The Wall Street Journal
Instead of whining about conspiracies, the average congressman getting yelled at this summer by his own constituents might ask: How come these people don't trust me? (Daniel Henninger, 8/29).

Health Care Reform Needs An Action Hero The Northport Gazette
Imagine the scene. America 2009. Eighteen thousand people have died in one year, an average of almost 50 a day. Terrorism is not the culprit here: It's lack of adequate health care (Amy Goodman, 8/19).

A True Count Of The 'Uninsured' The Philadelphia Inquirer
No single statistic drives the health-care reform debate like the number of uninsured Americans, variously characterized as 45, 46, 47, or even 50 million. However, those numbers don't tell the whole story (Michael Tanner, 8/20).

Devaluing Doctors – And Care The Washington Post
The care we render is being disparaged and our professionalism disregarded - yet somehow it is assumed that doctors are merely passive pawns to be moved around the chessboard of health care (Marshall Ackerman, 8/20).

Providers, Consumers Are Key To Reform The Des Moines Register
Until we fundamentally change how Americans consume health care, costs will continue to skyrocket. Getting consumers to take personal responsibility for their health and linking them to their financial investment in it are key to health-care reform (Wayne Sensor, 8/20).

Unlikely Bay State Pair Found Answer On Health Care The Boston Globe
Three years ago, Kennedy, the iconic liberal and senior senator from Massachusetts, and Romney, the Republican governor with national ambitions, produced a precedent-setting, universal health care law (Joan Vennochi, 8/20).

How To Break Up Town Brawls USA Today
Is anyone listening? Or are there people - from fundraisers, to party operatives, to some in the media - who benefit more from the conflict than from a solution? I think we know the answer (Cal Thomas and Bob Beckel, 8/20). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.