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Mr. Policy Hits A Wall The Washington Post
Democracy and representative government are a lot messier than the progressives and their heirs, including Obama, want to admit. No wonder they are so often frustrated (David S. Broder, 9/24).

We Need To Return To The Basics For Health Reform Atlanta Journal Constitution
(W)e've lost sight of what reform was supposed to be about: lowering cost, improving quality and increasing coverage. It's not too late to return to that conversation. In fact, the basic questions that were driving health reform then are more relevant now than ever: Where do we spend our money, and how do we control health care costs (Kenneth Thorpe, 9/23).

States' Results Prove The Benefits Of Malpractice Reform Kansas City Star
Several states already have acted as demonstration projects for civil justice reform for years, and the results are in: Civil justice reform measures have improved access to care, reduced costs and strengthened those states' economies (Newt Gingrich and Wayne Oliver, 9/23).

People Want Public Option The Des Moines Register
As an Army veteran, I know about tough fights, and I know solving our nation's health-care problem is going to be tough. But what's even tougher for me and other Iowans is struggling to meet the escalating costs of health-care premiums because private insurers put profits before people (Kevin Shilling, 9/24).

The Elephant In The Room: Promises Have Been Broken The Philadelphia Inquirer
Obama's proposal would force many into a government plan, despite his guarantees (Rick Santorum, 9/24).

It's Time For Obama To Take Off The Kid Gloves The Los Angeles Times
Here's my advice for President Obama as the crunchtime arrives for such major initiatives as healthcare reform and climate change: Get mean already (Michael Hiltzik, 9/24).

Uncharitable Charities The Washington Post
At issue is a proposal by a number of senators, including Jay Rockefeller and John Kerry, to cap tax deductions taken by the well-to-do (EJ Dionne, Jr., 9/24). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.