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A 9-1-1 For Health Care Reform: Send Leadership Now Washington Post
There are moments in the life of any important policy debate when things hit a dead end. There aren't any easy answers, any options that don't involve real political risk. And it's at those moments when you discover who the real leaders are (Pearlstein, 7/15).

Prescription For Health Tallahassee Democrat
When President Obama presented Dr. Regina Benjamin, a rural family physician with ties to Florida A&M University, as his choice for U.S. surgeon general, we couldn't help but to feel a little hometown pride (7/15).

Australia Model Shows Public Health Care Option Can Work The Detroit News
Australia provides a model where a government-owned insurer succeeds (Buchmueller and McNair, 7/15).

The Deep-Pockets Mirage Washington Post
There is no case to be made for the House Democratic majority's proposal to fund health-care legislation through an ad hoc income tax surcharge for top-earning households (7/15).

Universal Health Care Isn't Worth Our Freedom Wall Street Journal
The idea that every life is infinitely precious and therefore everyone deserves the same kind of optimal medical care is a fine religious sentiment and moral ideal. As political and economic policy, it is vainglorious delusion (Szasz, 7/15).

Long-Term Care Policies Can Often Fill A Financial Void Philadelphia Inquirer
But as we age, planning to have protection to pay for our care is something not as many people do. Having to pay for medical care in retirement or a nursing home is enough to wipe out savings. But it can be avoided with the addition of a long-term care policy (Serra, 7/14).

Health Reform Requires Lawsuit Reform Wall Street Journal
Containing health-care costs is impossible under the current legal structure (Howard, 7/15).

The Bill For Health Reform Boston Globe
Obama - and voters - should demand that lawmakers start making hard decisions on how to pay for coverage of the nation's 47 million uninsured and how to slow the growth in overall health costs (7/15).

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