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Judge OKs Administration Plan On ‘Morning After’ Pill

A federal judge Wednesday accepted the Obama administration's plan to make the Plan B One-Step "morning after pill" available over the counter to buyers of all ages, winding down a decade-long fight over the pill.

Politico: Judge Accepts Administration Plan On 'Morning-After' Pill
A federal judge approved Wednesday the Obama administration's plan to drop its lawsuit over the "morning after pill" and offer a form of emergency contraception over-the-counter without any age restrictions, winding down a controversy that has lasted for a decade. His acceptance means the Obama administration can move forward with its plan to let the FDA quickly take the steps necessary to get Plan B One-Step available over the counter with no age restrictions. The government promised in a proposal Monday to do so "without delay." It does require some regulatory drug labeling steps and paperwork from the FDA and the drugmaker but the judge did not see that as an obstacle (Smith, 6/12).

Los Angeles Times: Plan B Emergency Contraceptive Pill Battle: Confusion Endures
It was hailed as a significant step forward in women's reproductive rights, but this week's decision by the Obama administration to allow non-prescription, over-the-counter sales of the emergency contraceptive Plan B One-Step may do little to dispel widespread bafflement over the issue, say medical and legal experts (Morin, 6/12).

The Associated Press/Washington Post: NY Judge: Government Can Go Ahead With Plan To Make Morning-After Pills Available Over Counter
President Barack Obama's administration can go forward with its new plan to make the morning-after pill available to buyers of any age without prescriptions, but it needs to do it promptly or face potential sanctions in the long-running dispute over access to the emergency contraceptives, a federal judge ruled Wednesday. The finding by U.S. District Judge Edward Korman came in response to a Department of Justice decision this week to ditch rules barring over-the-counter sales to girls younger than 15 and comply with his April order to make the pills available to buyers of any age (6/12).

NBC News: Judge OKs Fed's Plan B One-Step Offer, Cautions Against Exclusivity Deals
A federal judge has approved the Obama administration's concession to make the Plan B One-Step "morning after" pill available to all girls and women without prescriptions or restrictions on where it can be sold.  U.S. District Court Judge Edward Korman's ruling applies only to the brand-name, one-pill version of the emergency contraception product, not to the cheaper, two-pill versions.  But he said the government's reversal on its position in a decade-long fight over the pills that prevent unintended pregnancy should be approved due to the efforts of the women's groups who fought so hard to achieve it (Aleccia, 6/12).

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