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EpiPen Competitor Swoops Back In After Price-Gouging Controversy

KHN Morning Briefing

Kaleo will make the product free for those without insurance or families with low-income, but it’s setting a high price for insurance companies. Meanwhile, Mylan has not reached a settlement with the Department of Justice over how it classified the EpiPen under Medicaid.

Timeline: The Orphan Drug Act

KHN Original

Follow the twists and turns of the orphan drug industry over the past three decades.

Republicans Set Stage For Repeal Despite Democrats’ Vocal Disapproval

KHN Morning Briefing

In an unusual move, Senate Democrats spoke out against repeal while casting their votes. But the budget resolution, laying the groundwork for gutting the health law, passed mostly along party lines. The House is expected to vote on the measure on Friday.

Sen. Sherrod Brown Offers Bill To Allow Medicare To Negotiate Drug Prices

KHN Morning Briefing

The strategy, he says, would help lower prescription costs for the government and seniors. Also, Florida lawmakers are weighing a bill that would bar insurance companies from increasing a customer’s prescription costs or changing the list of covered drugs during the contract year.