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After Capitalizing On Antipathy Against Health Law, E&C Chairman Now Focusing On ‘Repair And Rebuild’

KHN Morning Briefing

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., has taken over the Energy and Commerce Committee, a role in which he’ll be required to steer Republicans’ efforts to replace the health law. Meanwhile, incoming Vice President Mike Pence says Donald Trump is getting “very close” to a health care plan, and Republicans look to avoid any YouTube moments that could undermine their messaging for replacement.

They Won An Early Victory — Now GOP Faces Pressure To Deliver On Promises

KHN Morning Briefing

Congress quickly moved a budget measure through both chambers that begins the process of dismantling the health law, but that was just the first step. Meanwhile, incoming Vice President Mike Pence says he’s confident lawmakers can move quickly on repeal and replace.

Richest Americans Could See Millions In Tax Cuts If Health Law Is Repealed

KHN Morning Briefing

Meanwhile, the move would raise taxes on about 7 million low-and-moderate income families. In other news, as the health care landscape is turned on its head, Nashville is at a crossroads on where to go next; states move to protect free contraception; religious leaders speak out against repeal; Washington state may offer a blueprint for congressional Republicans to follow; and more.