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House GOP Health Plan Vote Nears Amidst Uncertainty

KHN Morning Briefing

It will be a long day for President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as they push to gather the needed support to ensure passage of the American Health Care Act, a measure that is key to both of their futures.

Trump To GOP Rabble-Rousers: Voting ‘No’ On Plan Will Cost You Your Seat In 2018

KHN Morning Briefing

President Donald Trump met with members of the Freedom Caucus to try to persuade them to support the American Health Care Act ahead of an anticipated Thursday vote. He singled out Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) saying, “I’m gonna come after you.” Meadows shrugged off the words as good-natured ribbing.

Congress May Delete Requirement That Businesses Track Worker Injuries

KHN Morning Briefing

Also in public health news, the traditionally high U.S. infant death rate is making a promising decline and a new study highlights a connection between global warming and diabetes rates. Media outlets also report on a range of other developments, including ketamine being used to treat severely depressed patients and insurers weighing a simple treatment for artery disease.