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Flickers Of Bipartisanship May Light Way For Plan B In Senate If GOP Legislation Fails

KHN Morning Briefing

There are signs that moderates are reaching across the aisle to talk about health care. Meanwhile, a controversial provision in the Republican legislation was predicted to die in the upper chamber, but now experts aren’t so sure. And The Washington Post fact checks claims about rising premiums — under both Obamacare and the Republican bill.

As 2018 Marketplace Premiums Appear To Be Heading Up, Trump Suggests He Might Cut Subsidies

KHN Morning Briefing

The early indications from insurers suggest that premiums for plans sold on the health law’s marketplaces will rise on average again next year. Meanwhile, in an interview with the Economist, President Donald Trump talks about the cost-sharing subsidies that the federal government pays insurers to help cover expenses of low-income customers, saying “we don’t have to subsidize” Obamacare. “You know if I ever stop wanting to pay the subsidies, which I will,” Trump said. “Anytime I want.”

Approval For GOP Health Plan Ticks Up Slightly To 21 Percent

KHN Morning Briefing

But 75 percent of respondents – and 59 percent of Republicans – say it is a “bad idea” to allow states to opt out of cost-lowering protections for those with preexisting conditions. A separate poll looks at the percent of Americans who are worried about losing access to care.