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Extension On Non-ACA Compliant Plans Could Undermine Efforts To Stabilize Markets

KHN Morning Briefing

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issued the ruling Thursday to allow “grandmothered” plans to operate until Dec. 31, 2018. Meanwhile AHIP President Marilyn Tavenner and American Hospital Association President Rick Pollack talk about fixing the marketplace for individuals.

Governors, Who Hold Key Role In GOP’s Hopes To Revamp Medicaid, Bring Concerns To D.C.

KHN Morning Briefing

The National Governors Association’s annual meeting begins in Washington this weekend, and the governors are expecting to raise their concerns about efforts to change Medicaid in discussions with members of Congress and President Donald Trump. Some states are already requesting waivers to make key alterations in that program, but many of the governors are nervous about how Republican efforts could shift financial responsibilities to the states.

ACA Effort To Fight Fraud Strips Thousands Of Doctors From Medicaid Approval List

KHN Morning Briefing

Modern Healthcare analyzes efforts by states to validate reimbursement eligibility of doctors and estimates that as many as 65,000 may have fallen off the program. In other news, Medicaid advocates stress the expansion benefits in advance of the governors’ annual meeting this weekend.

Trump’s Rhetoric On Protecting Medicare, Medicaid Meets Reality Of Controlling Budget

KHN Morning Briefing

Donald Trump campaigned on the contradictory ideas that he would both protect the safety net and cut the deficit and spending. Looking at who he has appointed as his advisers may provide clues on what decisions he’ll make when it comes to drafting his budget. In other news, Trump says a replacement plan could be coming as early as March.

Tax Proposals In GOP Repeal Plan Could Be Hard To Swallow For Conservatives

KHN Morning Briefing

In addition to a credit to help people buy insurance, Republicans have suggested opening up some employer-sponsored health insurance plans to taxation. Both ideas are drawing opposition from the right wing of the party. Meanwhile, the fight over Medicaid looms large in the Senate.

Different Takes On Inside-The-Beltway Health Policy Developments

KHN Morning Briefing

Opinion writers offer a variety of views on how the plans being advanced by the Trump administration and GOP Congress will shape a range of health concerns — from the effort to repeal, replace or repair the health law to federal health programs and Planned Parenthood’s future.

The Uncertainty Of Future Medicaid Policies Rattles Many Who Want Coverage

KHN Morning Briefing

Two articles about very different circumstances — a young child adopted out of foster care and a woman who was disabled after a work accident — illustrate the interest in the debate in Washington about the federal-state program that provides coverage for low-income residents.